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In 7 years, Safety Systems Group has considerably developed and diversified beyond Coyote and driving assistance system, to offer its customers an integrated, global, and unique platform of connected services, dedicated to the protection of drivers, vehicles, property, and data; for individuals, professionals, and companies.


A pioneer in driving assistance system

Coyote’s driving assistance service is based on its real-time platform, which allows the user to always have the right information at the right time, to adapt his driving to the environment. This patented technology provides a unique service in 16 European countries. It is based on the permanent display of constantly updated speed limits and more than 15 contextualized alerts to warn the user, in real time and over 30Km, of road hazards – dangerous bends, level crossings, presence of highway personnel, objects on the road, slowdowns, danger zones, etc. – with the help of a display of the speed limits. A real safety and peace of mind asset. The quality and reliability of the alerts are based on the Coyote Community of 5 million vigilant and committed members in Europe. But also, on the Coyote algorithm that filters, processes, analyzes, and confirms alerts in real time.

Coyote Secure

Innovation for vehicle safety

In France, a vehicle is stolen every four minutes (1), corresponding to 121,500 vehicles theft in 2020. The Coyote Secure solution allows to locate and recover vehicles in case of theft.

In case of theft, Coyote Secure detectives are mobilized 24/7 to recover vehicles anywhere in Europe, in partnership with law enforcement agencies. Thanks to our team of experts on the ground, 91% of vehicles (light vehicles, two-wheelers, commercial vehicles, trucks, agricultural and construction equipment, etc.) are recovered within 48 hours.

300 000

vehicles are equipped with the Coyote Secure tracker.

Coyote Business

Optimizing fleet management

Coyote has developed a complete platform of services dedicated to fleet management and real-time geolocation, with one objective: to improve customer profitability. This means better control of mobile resources and reduced fleet costs. This allows customers to be more responsive to business needs while optimizing their organization.

The complete and personalized dashboards allow to:

  • Supervise activity with real-time vehicle geolocation
  • Visualize the impact of traffic and road disturbances on their business
  • Create their own alerts and customize their indicators

The 3 services, Driving Assistance, Stolen vehicles Recovery and Fleet Management are offered to companies on the BtoB market, under a unique and modular offer: Coyote Business.

With the Coyote Driving Assistance and Coyote Secure solutions, companies can protect their employees against road hazards and secure their fleet in case of theft, while maintaining their business. The whole company wins.

Coyote Data

One of the largest aggregators of mobility data

Information and data processing are and will remain the cornerstone of SSG’s expertise, the heart of its services and R&D.

SSG focuses its development on the analysis and enhancement of data to constantly offer innovations to drivers and reliable information to the mobility industry and beyond.

A technology

Predictive Safety ®

SSG’s Coyote System business has developed the patented Predictive Safety® technology to improve road safety. This breakthrough technology capitalizes on the group’s expertise in real-time data analysis.

Based on an algorithm that scans anonymized data from the Coyote Community, users contribute to better identification and awareness of dangers. First application: alerting drivers when approaching dangerous curves identified on French and Belgian roads, indicating the right speed to apprehend it without surprise.

As time goes by, the functionality will become more and more efficient as the historical data will automatically enrich the algorithm and the database to deliver an even more precise and contextualized alert.

Voice assistant

SSG’s Coyote System has launched its own intelligent voice assistant in France It is able to understand information in a common and natural language. With a very simple “Hey Coyote!” activation, drivers can report, confirm alerts, and interact with their device while keeping their hands on the wheel and without taking their eyes off the road.

Tracker ®

The Coyote Secure solution is based on an autonomous and jamming resistant tracker, hidden in the vehicle by a professional, allowing to locate it in case of theft.

The plus: the Coyote Secure tracker works even in parking lots, containers, deep underground and in white areas where coverage via conventional networks is impossible, thanks to the patented Traqueur® technology.


The partnership culture is at the heart of the company’s DNA. Since its creation, SSG, through Coyote System, has based its business strategy on a powerful network of partners and influencers in France and abroad. SSG has a particular know-how and recognized expertise in creating successful partnerships with major brands and leaders in their markets by its ability to adapt to the needs of users and partner systems.

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